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How long does a dog stay in heat

April 10th, 2014by admin

If you have a puppy, you may want to consider learning a few things connected to its reproductive system. One of the important things to know is the amount of time that your dog will be on heat. So, exactly How Long Does A Dog Stay In Heat? A quick response to this question would be, ‘on average 21 days’ which is actually true. However, there is more to this than just the simple 21 days answer.   how long does a dog stay in heat

The heat cycle
It is important to note that a dog goes through three separate stages of heat cycle.This include proestrus, Estrus and Diestrus respectively.Your doctor should exhibit almost distinct behaviors in all the three stages. What really happens in each stage?

1. Proestrus stage
This is the first stage of the heat cycle and the period in which you will often notice bleeding from the vulva of your dog. The amount of bleeding could be slight and almost unnoticeable while sometimes your dog will leave the bleeding everywhere it lays or sits. Many dog owners finding a way to deal with this mess, especially the ones who keep their dogs indoors, should visit pet stores and buy dog panties. The dog panties usually hold specially designed canine sanitary napkins.

Besides bleeding, the vulva also appears swollen and the dog experiences increased urination. Nevertheless, the most obvious sign to look out for is the presence of many male dogs around your house. This first stage should run for around 7-10 days a period when the female will make it evidently clear that she wants nothing to do with the male during this time. Since male never take no for answer, you will see them climbing or digging under fences not forgetting to mention that they will serenade you and your dog until the wee hours of the night.

2. Estrus stage
This is obviously the second stage of the heat cycle and often starts somewhere between the 8th and the 10th day after the first sign of bleeding. At this point, the blood changes color from red to pink and then to nearly a clear discharge. Most of the dogs will most likely allow any dog to breed with her and the stage lasts between 4-7 days. It is important to know that your dog can become pregnant with mixed litters. You may want to consider boarding it or keeping it confined indoors if you do not want it to become pregnant.

3. Diestrus
In this stage, the dog is now going out of heat.Nevertheless, your dog will be still sending heat scents and consequently attracting male dogs. Just like the first stage, she will snap at the male dogs that want to breed with her. This stage will last for around 7 to 10 days and once it elapses, your dog will remain out of heat for about 6 to 8 months.

Do not expect your dog to reach menopause at any one point in its life; it will go through the heat cycle in the stated intervals for the rest of its life.Although there isn’t such thing as dog menopause, bleeding or the estrus phase lengthens. If you do not want your dog to go through the heat cycle, spaying it will help.

Mom’s Review: Saw Palmetto for acne patients

March 23rd, 2014by admin

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions that affect men and women. It usually happens when the pores in the skin get clogged. This clogging takes place when the sebaceous or oil glands under the skin are stimulated resulting into an overproduction of sebum or oil. This build up is responsible for clogging the pores with fat, dead skin and Keratin, leading to acne eruptions. Saw palmetto for acne treatment is a natural way of treating the condition at its point of origin.

There are a number of reasons behind acne and hormonal imbalance is one of the major ones. Hormonal imbalance leads to an overproduction of sebum caused by the stimulation of oil glands. This is why acne occurs mostly during teenage, menstrual periods, pregnancy, stress or birth control pills because all these stages are marked with changes in production levels of hormones. The culprit in this case is testosterone, which is converted into DHT or Dihydrotestosterone through an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase. This DHT stimulates oil glands and a resultant over spill of sebum takes place.   saw palmetto for acne

Saw palmetto for acne treatment is recommended mainly for blocking the conversion of testosterone into DHT, which in turn reduces the excess production of sebum. The reduction is believed to lower the chances of acne breakouts due to hormonal imbalance. Though there is a lack of clinical backing and a greater scope of research on the subject, yet it is well known that saw palmetto was used by Native Americans since long time for treating urinary problems in men and in women for problems regarding breast. Being rich in fatty acids, phytosterols, Poly-saccharides and Beta Carotene, saw palmetto boosts the human immune system tremendously. It also has excellent inflammatory properties.

For those who are looking for an all natural way to treat the skin condition, saw palmetto can be considered a wise option. However, as it is the case with all supplements, the minor side effects include stomach-ache, nausea or vomiting. The patients that have certain health conditions to consider related to lungs, heart, stomach or liver should consult their doctor before taking the supplement. Saw palmetto has strong anticoagulant properties, so the patients that have bleeding disorder or have undergone recent surgery should be cautious about the effects. For it directly affects the hormonal production, saw palmetto should be avoided by women who are pregnant, breast feeding or on hormonal replacement therapy.

As for those who boast of a robust health and have an inclination towards trying a natural way to gently treat their skin condition, saw palmetto brings about an effective solution. Good looks play an important role in building a confident personality. Acne not only spoils the texture of skin, it affects self esteem as well. So, treating the problem at its source is what the natural herb aims at. Saw palmetto’s blocking action checks the conversion of the hormone testosterone into DHT, an androgen, directly responsible for overproduction of oil under the skin, which in turn checks the clogging of pores reducing acne eruptions as the end result. So, why not trust mother nature and find a solution that may bring a relief for a life time.

About Mom Giveaways

March 23rd, 2014by admin

Chanin (aka Mommy) - I am a 36 year old Stay at Home Mom of 4 beautiful girls from ages 4 to 14. I have been married to my husband, Tim, for 8 years as of this April 12. I have worked in Customer Service most of my adult life, but have also done in home Child Care and Home Based Businesses.  I love Printables and have a blog for that too, Simply Awesome Printables!

Other than that, I love movies, reading, meal planning and trying to figure out how to save money for our family! I’m usually busy running my kids to soccer, karate, church choir, and tumbling classes during the week!

Tim (aka Daddy) - Tim is a 36 year old Vice President of Matthew 25: Ministries here in Cincinnati, Ohio. He helps the poorest of the poor and does disaster relief and has traveled many places to do that, including Haiti most recently. He is also an awesome Dad and loves his girls more than anything else in the world (well, except me maybe! haha). He loves movies, video games and spending time with his family.

Olivia - Olivia is a 14 year old typical teenager. She enjoys texting, surfing the internet, reading, writing, the Sims, watching her favorite shows on tv and spending time with her friends (sometimes family!).

Cora - Cora is a 7 year old who is very creative. She loves to write stories and draw pictures. She also enjoys watching her favorite Nick and Disney Channel shows, reading her chapter books, playing with her sisters, and playing Wii or xbox. Cora plays Soccer, sings in the church choir, and takes Karate.

Noel - Noel is 5 years old and can’t wait to start Kindergarten this fall. She is my social butterfly who loves making new friends. She is also the biggest dog lover and tries to talk me into getting her a new puppy about once a week (we already have 2 dogs!). Noel plays Soccer and takes Karate.

Ashlyn - Ashlyn is the cute little 4 year old baby of the family. She is spoiled rotten and cute as a button. She loves playing on the computer, Wii, xbox or Nintendo DS. My little techy girl! Ashlyn takes tumbling classes.

All in all, our family is a book reading, tv and movie watching, computer loving, gadget and techy loving family! :) Plus we always like to try new things and see if we can find something new we like and share it with the rest of our family (which is fairly large!).

Mommy’s Reviews and Giveaways

March 23rd, 2014by admin
I wanted to talk to you today and let you know that new and exciting things are coming to Mommy’s Reviews and Giveaways!  I will still be doing the reviews and giveaways, of course, but I am also going to be adding to this blog!  There will be a little more of the “personal” side of me, my family, my life, some recipes, some crafts (hopefully…if I ever find the time!) and other fun goodies that I can think of to post!
I also hope to open my Etsy store soon….I have got to get my act together first!  ha
So….what’s with the pic?, you might be thinking…
I had my daughter take this yesterday because I went to the Outlet Mall to Rue 21 and found jeans that actually fit me!!!!  I was sooooo excited!  This may not seem like a big deal to some of you…but for me, it is huge!  You see, I’m a “little in the middle, but she got much back” kinda girl….
Every pair of jeans I put on, fit my hips…but gap in the back so much it is ridiculous!  This pair are Rue 21′s Premiere Curvy and fit like a dream….well, besides the fact that I couldn’t find short and had to get regular length and I have short legs…I have on really tall heels in this pic!  haha
Anyway, yeah, that’s me…and now I’m off to go to Kohl’s because I got a 30% off coupon in the mail, plus a $10 gift because my birthday is in um…6 days….and I really need a Dr. Pepper…my kids won’t quit fighting…ugh!
Have a nice day! :)

Momy’s Reviews: Hemorrhoids…. Such a problem

March 23rd, 2014by admin

When blood vessels situated around the anus and the lower rectum swell, the y are referred to as hemorrhoids. they can either cause stretching and thinning of the walls of the veins thus causing irritation while one is passing bowels.
When hemorrhoids lie deep inside the rectum that one is unable to see or feel them, they are classified as internal hemorrhoids. They sometimes stick out of the anal muscles when they are swollen or enlarged. During this time, they may be painful because there are many nerves that sense pain in the rectum. Usually, they ebb back into the rectum unaided.
When hemorrhoids are inside the anus, they are referred to as external hemorrhoids. These hemorrhoids will ‘peep’ out during bowel movements when swollen. When blood clots in them, it result in the development of thrombosis, which, though painful, is quite harmless and can be removed.

How do We Cure Hemorrhoids?

Immediately you discover that you have hemorrhoids, you have to find whether they are internal or external hemorrhoids. Even then, most measures taken when one discovers them is not curative, but rather meant to reduce the itching and the pain felt. However, if followed through with a proper diet that is rich in fiber content and increased intake of water (six to eight glasses of water per day) it can be curative.In fact, it is still highly recommended that a victim of this condition be strict with the diet to avoid recurrence of hemorrhoids, even if they have been removed surgically.
It is believed that hemorrhoids do not easily go away. Once you find yourself having a case, you should give this opinion a second thought. However, they can be managed so that someone can live with the while in lesser pain.

On discovering that one has hemorrhoids, the doctors firstly prescribe something to reduce the pain and discomfort. Prescriptions include;
Sitz bath. This is a warm water bath that is about 3inches above in level and sit in it for about 15 minute immediately after visiting the toilet. This is to be done more than three times a day.
In addition, Tylenol can also effectively used to reduce distress and anxiety brought about by the fear of the pain. for the stubborn and recurrent hemorrhoids might need further procedures which include injection for an internal hemorrhoids so that the hemorrhoid is covered to prevent further development.
When hemorrhoids prolapses, they can be cut off by tying a rubber band tightly around them until they drop off. There is a small special tool that is used to put in place the rubber band on the enlarged hemorrhoid. The intention is to stop the supply of blood to the region. This makes the hemorrhoid to contract and dry off, then eventually it drops off the rest of the body.
Hemorrhoids can also be cured through the use of electric current which is used to burn the area with the lumps without causing pain. This leaves the hemorrhoid isolated and malnourished hence it closes and falls off.

When a hemorrhoid is swollen and painful, this is the best recommended method for them.
Some hemorrhoids are usually too deep to be removed through the aforementioned methods. Like the internal hemorrhoids, thrombosis- which is sometimes caused by swollen hemorrhoids-can only be removed through surgery. This process is referred to as hemorrhoidectomy.
The above mentioned removal measures may be effective and reliable but if they are not closely backed up with changes in the kinds of food that we consume, hemorrhoids will keep re-appear.